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                                                 THE TYPOLOGICAL ANALYSIS AS A RESEARCH METHOD                                                     IN STUDYING THE INFORMATION STRUCTURE OF SOCIAL SYSTEMS   


Antoshkin Viktor Nikolaevich, Doctor of sociological sciences, professor, sub-department of philosophy, sociology and political science, Bashkiria State Pedagogical University (Ufa),
Krul Alexandra Sergeevna, Candidate of sociological sciences, associate professor, sub-department of philosophy, sociology and pedagogy, Bashkiria State Agricultural University (Ufa), 

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The article is devoted representation of the typological analysis as a necessary method of researching an information structure of various social formations. The authors analyze a concept of «information structure», study the possibilities of the typological approach when modeling the information interactions in society. 

Key words

information structure, typological analysis, modeling, information modeling, social information, kinds of social information, form of social information. 

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